The History

How Work Started

Since the dawn of mankind, everyone has their own designated things to do; this is what we call nowadays as a job.

The abled male in a tribe will hunt for meat while the female and the kids harvest vegetables and fruits to eat. The elderly usually help with the harvesting and/or planting the crops. This only shows that since the dawn of mankind, everyone has a sense that they have to do something.

Responsibility is one of the main traits of humankind.

workersPeople tend to feel responsible for their family; we have to be able to feed our children and or siblings.

As time goes by, the business men thought that, as the population goes up, they should try and filter all their employees for better output. So job applications and interview started.

Then as the population grows, job application became more fierce and hard. People are competing for the same work so employers made it harder for the applicant to get through to their companies. I think that is only sensible considering they will need a bigger profit because the economy is being too competitive right now. Many businesses are popping out of nowhere so there are many job opening for everyone to apply into. But let us remember that there are a lot of fresh graduates every year so there are more competitions. And these fresh graduates are really competitive too.

As the year goes by, more and more people are trying to find a job, but more and more business are closing too. The economy is dropping rapidly and we cannot help it. The economy is unstable, and that is normal. So be patient and hardworking, you will find a job that will pay all the bills. Just keep focused and determined, everything pays off eventually, right?